After an extensive refurbishment and strengthening programme, Erskine Chapel is now open for bookings.

Erskine Island Bay. 


Island Bay, Wellington. 


97 units. $70M+

Project Type

New build residential development + heritage restoration of a Category 1 chapel. 


2020 - 2023

97 units across a range of typology and tenure types and restoration of Category 1 Chapel.  Erskine Island Bay was deemed to be one of Wellington's most challenging developments, with a complex consenting process, and court proceedings (successful) to enable the preservation of the Erskine Chapel and ongoing complex design and construction issues.  Erskine Island Bay is delivering an exemplar development for medium density living and a premium residential development in Wellington.

The design (Tobin Smith of Colab) was the winner of the multi-unit residential category in the 2023 Wellington Architecture Awards, with the judges citation noting: "The former site of Erskine College and Chapel has been developed into 96 individual dwellings, connecting roads, car parking, stairs and paths, open space and landscaping. Dwellings are grouped together into bite-sized terraced blocks on the west-facing hill leading to the top of the site. Each block expresses individuality in differing roof forms, dwelling types and materiality. There is a generous amount of open space between the dwellings, and view shafts between buildings provide visual connection to the site and Island Bay beyond. Dwellings are well-planned and living spaces benefit from the outlook. The scale feels very domestic, is nicely broken up, and creates a comfortable living environment".

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